Online Video Marketing interview with Gabriel Jude Part 4/5

Rating: – Online Video Marketing interview with Gabriel Jude. This interview reveals why businesses should get into video marketing and its advantages.

This is the fourth part of the interview that shares what video marketing is and its advantages over other mediums of marketing. It also covers what businesses should look for in companies that offer video marketing as a service.

When it comes to video marketing, you have to understand the overwhelming popularity of online video in order to properly utilize the strategy. Almost 60% of the Internet (according to ComScore) is made up of traffic from video watching. That’s over half the market! So, it’s easy to see why you would benefit from using video marketing as part of an integrated website campaign to reach the highest amount of potential customers possible.

But many of the businesses in Australia today take a far too simplistic approach to their campaigns. They simply put up a video and hope it works. That is not true video marketing. In order to best serve your business, what you need is a marketing company that understands what video marketing truly is.

What Are The Components Of True Video Marketing?

Here are a few services that you will want to look for when choosing your online marketing company in Australia. Make sure they can offer you these services or do not hire them:

1) Video Content Development
This entails developing a video that is both entertaining and of high quality information while also serving your promotional needs. It’s a fine line to walk. You don’t want a video that comes off as a lecture or a commercial, but you also don’t want a cartoon or a sitcom. The perfect balance can be achieved by professional video marketers in Australia; you just have to find them (stay tuned for how in a bit).

2) Video Production & Editing
Because of the overwhelming amount of video content out there, it’s not enough to just have great content anymore. The production and editing must be of superior quality or people just aren’t going to watch it. With most computer screens being high-definition, customers aren’t going to want to watch a slideshow on Powerpoint, they want cutting edge graphics that makes use of their fancy computer screens!

3) Video Optimisation & Marketing
You can’t just put the videos up on sharing websites and hope for results. You need a professional in video marketing to optimise your content to ensure that you have the maximum number of people viewing it.

4) YouTube Marketing
YouTube is the hottest place for video marketing and a solid video marketing campaign manager will not overlook this fact. With more than 800 million viewers a month, YouTube is the place to be for online video marketing placement. Because of this, you need a video marketing professional who knows how to target YouTube to enhance your brand image. They have to understand the formulaic system YouTube operates on in order to reach the first page of search results.

5) Video Submission
There are under a hundred video sharing sites online, but only about half of them are where you want to be. A video marketing specialist will be able to target the right ones for you and get your video content out there, optimised, so the whole world can see it.

Where To Find The Best Video Marketing Company
Finding a company that meets all of these strict criteria can be challenging. Luckily, there is one that comes highly recommended by some of the top businesses in Australia. To start your video marketing campaign today, click here right now for the most competitive prices from the top video marketers in Australia.

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