Search Engine Optimization Tips for 2018: A Training Tutorial w/ the Basics of How to Do Google SEO


These three simple SEO tactics have helped my blog get over 35,000 first page Google rankings.

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In this video, you will learn the top SEO tips and techniques to use this year.

The SEO training begins with an explanation of the perfect title formula. The best way to get Google ranking today is to write blog posts, and the most important part of blog SEO is the post title.

In WordPress, all you have to do is place the title and the SEO will take care of itself. However, you have to be smart with how you craft your title.

The best title formula is…

Odd Number + Superlative + Exact Keyword Phrase

For example,

11 Best SEO Tactics

Google searchers love to click on titles that lead with an odd number. The top Google SEO factor in their ranking algorithm is the click through rate. That is why it is vital that you learn this technique.

The next part of the SEO tutorial will show you how to craft a meta description that will add more clicks and increase your click rate.

This is another big how to do SEO formula. In WordPress, you will need to add the plugin Yoast SEO. At that bottom of your blog post editor you will see an area to input your meta description.

The final part of the SEO basics that you will need to master is the word count. Blog posts with 2000 plus words dominate the top three Google rankings. They also get more social shares and drive the most backlinks from other website. All of these are big SEO factors in Google’s algorithm.

I want to thank you for taking the time to watch me teach the top SEO tips and techniques for this upcoming year. I hope you have enjoyed this SEO training tutorial.

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